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Data is the lifeblood of any business.

The DTI's own statistics show that 75% of businesses that suffer major data loss go out of business within two years.

Because data is so important, the systems that process and store it need to be kept in top working order. Many companies treat maintenance as something that only happens when a failure occurs.

Regular maintenance means better performance

With proper maintenance it may be possible for a business not only to save costs through better productivity, but to achieve further savings by improving the performance of existing systems and delaying system upgrades.


No company can afford to ignore regular IT systems maintenance. Whilst large companies can afford to maintain their systems, smaller SMEs have had to rely on either local specialists or simply to do it themselves.

Many local specialists are excellant at what they do, but often don't have the resource to respond quickly if a crisis occurs. The do-it-yourself approach is a recipe for disaster.

Is outsourcing the answer?

Even large companies outsource IT support to specialist outsourcing companies, but to date this has not really been an option for SMEs because of cost. There are however, a number of companies starting to focus on this market; offering maintenance services at prices small businesses can afford.

Remote IT management services are available

Outsourcers are now able to access clients' systems remotely, install patches, install new applications, monitor networks, keep antivirus software up to date and fix almost any system problem with the exception of hardware problems.

Outsourcing is the future for SMEs

Outsourcing is now a real possibility for any sized business.

Whilst saving a company time and money, it frees the company's staff to focus on the projects that impact the bottom line profitability.

It eliminates management and staffing headaches and it gives a company access to technical skills when it needs them.

With specialist outsourcing partners focused on assisting businesses in utilising their capability, SMEs cannot lose.