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In many situations from mergers and acquisitions to civil litigation and criminal prosecutions, it is often vital that all evidence such as electronic documents are collected and considered.

SpearPC is able to provide electronic evidence of files and emails whether lost, hidden or intentionally deleted from any operating system or hardware type.

The Computer Forensics Process

Phase 1 Evidence Capture

  • The client is looking for relevant electronic documents or evidence
  • We secure the storage device and make two hard drive images

Phase 2 Evidence Analysis and Investigation

  • One of the copies is searched and analysed
  • The other copy is kept intact for evidential purposes

Phase 3 Reporting and testifying

  • We return the results and reports to the client
  • Findings may be used in court

SpearPC can enable the safe recycling of hard drive media without putting confidential information at risk.

Are you donating, reusing or discarding PCs?

Consider the data which may be on the hard drive?

  • Financial data
  • Email
  • Sales contacts
  • Product and marketing plans

Data saved to a hard drive remains on the   
drive even after it is deleted, sent to the
Recycle Bin, or after the drive is
reformatted. Current data recovery
products and services could recover
confidential deleted by these methods.
The data still remains on the media,
only the pointers are actually deleted.

Is this data that you really want to share?

Eventually, everyone who works on a PC will experience some type of data loss. These losses may be caused by any type of situations such as hardware failure, software glitch, corruption, power spikes, virus, floods, fires, disgruntled employees or a simple user error.

SpearPC is able to offer a full range of data recovery solutions:

  • Remote Data Recovery
  • In-Lab or Clean Room
  • On-Site

Electronic data has become one of the most valuable assets that any organisation can possess. SpearPC provides you with solutions to save time and money when a data loss situation occurs.