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SpearProtectIT is a complete IT security solution. Our comprehensive and scalable solution provides your business with 3 lines in defence against increasingly sophisticated virus and IT threats, to protect your REPUTATION - COMMERCIAL - FINANCIAL information. Depending on the level of service you require, our team of IT security experts can manage your IT protection systems, providing proactive and reactive support – ensuring your systems are kept up-to-date with the latest security protection.

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A firewall is the barrier protecting a computer network against unathorised access from the internet. Firewalls come in two forms; network firewalls or personal/pc firewalls.

The network firewall, almost always
implemented as hardware, is more
effective, easier to centrally manage and       
comes in the form of an easy to install
appliance. It also offers features      
unavailable in software-based personal

The firewall acts as the first line of defence in an IT network and is crucial for your business security - if you don't have a firewall your network is not really your own. It compliments the function of Antivirus software by providing a defensive mechanism against both hackers and viruses. It saves time and money whilst increasing a company's security.

Why does my business need a firewall?

"Hackers are constantly searching the internet seeking unprotected computers. In a recent survey, 72% of IT leaders reported breaches from hostile code during the last year" (Astaro, 2004).

A firewall will help protect your company's IT system from external computer hackers. It will block all traffic between the internet and your network that you have not explicitly allowed to enter or leave your company; reducing threats to any company's business practices.

Implications of an attack:

  • Reputation - inefficient service delivery, inability to deal with suppliers and customers.
  • Commercial - loss of vital information, inability to process or produce orders, potential collapse of business.
  • Financial - expensive counter measures, lost orders, reduced efficiency.

Internet security is crucial in today's rapidly changing global economy.

"93% of businesses experienced irregular intrusion or an ICT virus. 61% experienced a computer-related crime. 70% of businesses that had a disaster data failure went out of business in the next year" (Director General of the British Chamber of Commerce, 2003).

Why do I need a Managed Firewall?

There are many options for firewall protection, but the key concern is managing its effectiveness. The main difference between a managed and an unmanaged firewall is the level of support you receive. Our managed firewall service provides:

  • No initial investment hardware, installation and maintenance
  • An easy to manage monthly payment scheme
  • a Dedicated technical assistance team
  • Security patches, configuration changes and maintenance taken care of
  • Round the clock security protection
  • Completely "hassle free" firewall protecting against potentially damaging threats
  • Leaves you free to concentrate on running your business


Managed firewall is an affordable and vital part of revolutionary computer hardware.

A proven element in the battle to secure and maintain IT networks nationally and globally.

Installation of a Firewall is highly recommended as it allows business IT practices to remain intact both in the short and long term ! Contact us and take the first step in securing your IT network.

"There have been 20 significant virus outbreaks in the first few months of 2004, compared with only 18 in the whole of 2003, but companies are still failing to follow best practice" (Computer Weekly, 2004).

Employers and employees must both take
note of the risks they are exposing themselves       
to by not installing antivirus software.

To eradicate the risk posed by viruses,
antivirus software is required. The software
contains virus scanners that will scan the
contents of incoming emails and files already
existing on the computer. If a virus is detected
it will be deleted immediately.

Consider these facts:

  • 66% of the people are not aware of basic antivirus prevention measures
  • 9 out of 10 workers believe they have no part in prevention of viruses spreading, leaving it to IT departments or Microsoft
  • 33% feel overwhelmed by email and admit they are too busy to check before opening mail
  • 62% rate viruses as the number one security threat
  • 50% would not be bothered if they encountered a security threat
  • 5% say they would not be worried if they spread a virus
  • 33% of people write down their password on Post-it notes next to PC
  • 55% of people use a person's name for a password

"The Department of Trade and Industry's Security Breaches Survey revealed that although more than half of all UK businesses suffered a virus infection last year, 41% were failing to update their antivirus software when new threats appeared on the Internet" (Computer Weekly, 2004).